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Consecration to the Queen and Mother of the End Times

Dictated by the Most Holy Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria, on August 28th, 2021

Queen and Mother of the End Times,
Today I consecrate myself to You and with me I
consecrate all my family and friends
and I beg you to protect those who feel they are my enemies.


I freely wish to ask you to always intercede

before the Trinitarian Throne to save my soul.

I beg You Mother to live in me
so I can be worthy of Your Son
until I am called into His Presence.


You know that we must expand the kingdom of your Son,

Queen and Mother of the End Times, Sacred Gift of God,

refuge of those who in one voice pronounce:
Hail Mary most pure conceived without sin,

pray for the banished from this life.


I firmly believe in Your Maternal Protection,
in the time when I feel shaken.
You are health to the sick,
today I ask you to heal the sick of body and spirit

so that evil may be stopped.


You know the calamities of your Son’s people,
before them today I give you my heart, soul, powers and senses.

I want to be all yours and for You
to go towards Christ, my Lord and my God.

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